Happiness Practice - February 2, 2018

[This is a post written to catch up blog posts with historical posts before I set up the blog! I'll also be adding tags so it's easier to find old subjects.]

It's time for what's making me happy this week!
This week, I keep thinking about Mansions of Madness, which I played last weekend courtesy of Adam. It was a lot of fun! I understand that previous versions had you reading out of the rulebook, which could be complicated, but the update with the app was really well done, atmospheric, and made the game play smoothly. I liked the overall structure and the occasional individual puzzle solving elements, and in general it was just a good game. Playing it was definitely a good time!
I also started listening to Sylvan Esso's latest album again this week. I listened to it a lot last fall and I was a little worried that I might have permanently imbued these tracks with sadness but I'm very happy to find out that, no, this album and this song in particular are really kicky and fun to listen to. Warning: this song is inexplicably explicit on one line only, so judge accordingly.


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