Happiness Practice - February 23, 2018

[This is a post written to catch up blog posts with historical posts before I set up the blog! I'll also be adding tags so it's easier to find old subjects.]

Ready for what's making us happy this week?
I've been playing (and loving!) Horizon: Zero Dawn for the past little while, and I think I'm finally about to beat it. It's gorgeous and super fun - the combat in this game is the best I've seen in a while. Just futzing around with ammo types and different strategies is really entertaining, and I constantly put off main quests to just putter around, hunt robots, and take in the scenery. It's an absolute blast and I recommend it highly!
Did you know that MGMT put out a new album two weeks ago? I only found out last week (on NPR's New Music Friday podcast, which I can also recommend) and I've listened to it a few times since then. It's pretty good! Give it a listen if you think MGMT is up your alley.


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