Happiness Practice - April 13, 2018

[This is a post written to catch up blog posts with historical posts before I set up the blog! I'll also be adding tags so it's easier to find old subjects.]

What's making you happy this week?
I've been watching iZombie since it started four years ago, and it's honestly one of my favourite shows right now. It's by Rob Thomas, who did Veronica Mars, and it's just so smart and funny and entertaining that I look forward to it every week. The cast is excellent and has amazing chemistry, Rose McIver is unbelievably good and basically gets to play an entire new person every week, and David Anders does such an amazing job as the villain that I kind of love him even though he's a monster. It's on the CW, which means that all the back episodes are on Netflix, and new episodes post the day after they air. I've been looking forward to watching the new episode tonight all week!
Janelle MonĂ¡e has been putting out new, awesome music lately, and this week I finally got into some of it. So far, Make Me Feel is hands down my favourite, with its sort of 80s-Michael Jackson sound, but all of it is very good. It's also prompted to spend a bunch of time just listening to a bunch of her great music, and that in and of itself has been a highly rewarding prospect. I love everything about her music and her presentation, and I'm so glad she's putting out new stuff that I get to enjoy!
And now, what about you?


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