Happiness Practice - June 29, 2018

[This is a post written to catch up blog posts with historical posts before I set up the blog! I'll also be adding tags so it's easier to find old subjects.]

It's time for what's making us happy this week!
This week has been particularly tough for reasons both external and internal, and I'm feeling a little bit numb, all things considered - which on some level, I think is probably for the best, since a lot of what's going on would be really hard for me to really engage with and feel properly. At times I've been viewing everything at a remove, and happiness is a stretch. But good things are still going on! And next week has a day off, so that's something to look forward to! I'm fortunate that most mornings I am able to shake off a lot of the prior day's sadness and stress and anger and try to find something new each day. So to roll with that...
Over the weekend I went away camping to a lovely spot in Skagit Valley, and had a wonderful time with a group of fantastic people! Going out of town for two days with an assortment of people I did not know very well (I hadn't even met almost half of the attendees!) was a real stretch for me, and I was very nervous about the trip, but I decided to run with it and I'm really glad I did. It was nice to get away from it all, meet some cool new people, and relax for a bit. It also reminded me how much I like camping in general, and I feel like I should try and make another plan soon!
Another thing making me happy this week is Death Cab for Cutie's new song, and the realization that they're going to be putting out a new album soon. I've always liked their music, and I first got into them in my first year of university, which was a really transitional time for me. A couple of later albums came out at significant points in my life, too, so I sort of have an association with Death Cab as a sort of soundtrack to things in my life. I am (hopefully) entering another very transitional time in my life, and I feel weirdly comforted by the fact that they'll be here for me yet again. I don't know what that album will be like, but so far I'm into the single, and that's worth enjoying!
And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week?


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