Happiness Practice - July 6, 2018

[This is a post written to catch up blog posts with historical posts before I set up the blog! I'll also be adding tags so it's easier to find old subjects.]

It's time for what's making us happy this week!
It's a weird time for me right now. I'm making changes that are helping me to cope with a lot of the things I'm struggling with, but all of it is slow going, and that's not a surprise. It's going to take time and effort to make it all come together, and for today, I have the resources I need to keep working on it. Hopefully I will tomorrow, too.
Times like this, when I'm stressed out and worried and a little scared are often times I find myself curling back into cooking. I've been greatly enjoying flipping through my cookbooks and bookmarked recipes, and exploring a few new food blogs too. I should try to get to the library and take out a cookbook or two as well. I love trying new recipes and right now I'm really excited about trying some fairly new-to-me cuisines - Japanese in particular is standing out since Matt introduced me to Just One Cookbook a few months ago. There's so many exciting things to try!
Since I also tend to cut back on my spending when I'm in worry-mode, I'm also leaning heavily into meal and menu planning, and fortunately for me that's something else I really enjoy! I menu plan every week, and sitting down Saturday morning with tea and my cookbooks is a really nice ritual for me. Right now I'm enjoying picking through things I've wanted to make and identifying recipes I can try while I use up things in my pantry and freezer. (Extra fortunately I already have a lot of the Japanese pantry staples, so it's easy for me to cook through those recipes!) The money I'm saving is reassuring, and making a plan makes me feel like something in my life is stable and reliable. It's also nice to menu plan when money is no object, but I'm glad that it's a good skill for me to lean on when I'm feeling concerned in more ways than one.
Oh, and literally and physically, a thing making me happy is Vitamin B12. I had my bloodwork run a few weeks ago, and it turns out I was low. I started taking a supplement and I feel noticeably better. I'm sure it isn't only the supplement, but I'm also sure it helps. So if you're feeling low and it feels oppressive, try talking to your doctor. They might have some good suggestions, so it's a good place to start. I feel lucky and grateful that an OTC supplement can make a big difference for me, and that I live in a country where this kind of care is accessible and affordable.
And now, what about you? Do you have a great food blog to share with me? And what's making you happy this week?


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