Happiness Practice - August 24, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 

This article, "It Feels Like a Derangement", didn't exactly make me happy but I've been thinking about it all week. It's about depression and menopause, and it's really interesting and evocative. It gave me a better sense of understanding of both my own struggles, and some of the things I've heard other people talk about. It's also the first thing that's ever really made me feel apprehensive about menopause, and that's something that's coming for me and roughly half the people in my life. I didn't know it could cause depression like this, let alone the fog and confusion, and it's scary to think about. I found it a really good read about pain, depression, and menopause, and I'd recommend it to everyone. 

On a brighter note, I'm about two-thirds of the way through the campaign of Charterstone, which is a legacy board game about growing a village. It's just really fun. It has lots of neat little surprises, a couple of really great ideas implemented well, and the thrill of being able to get new cards and open new boxes every game still hasn't worn off. I enjoy legacy games generally, and this one has been fun on a lighter level than say, Pandemic Legacy. I like being able to play the same game a few times, and it's good to have an excuse to get together with friends every couple of weeks to play. If you're looking for a new legacy, I'd definitely recommend it! 

And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week? 


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