Happiness Practice - August 3, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week!

This may be the smallest, silliest thing I've talked about so far, but one thing that's really been making me happy this week is that I changed my phone background! It had been the same picture of the Toronto skyline at night, taken while I was waiting for a ferry, since I took the photo in December 2014 or so. It was a nice picture, but it was kind of dark, and this week I changed it to a bright, blue photo I took of Vancouver from the Spirit Trail last week. I also cleaned up a bunch of the apps on my homescreen, and the result is that every time I looked at my phone the pop of colour and the change made me smile. Since I probably look at my phone a hundred times a day, it was pretty rewarding! I know this is something with diminishing returns, and it's already starting to wear off, but the change was nice and it definitely improved my mood a little this week. 

The other thing making me happy this week is Polygon's Backlog Week! It's a running feature with a bunch of articles about backlogs, how to deal with them, when to abandon them, and just a lot of writers' general feelings on them and the games in the queue. I like a lot of the voices on Polygon (the Polygon show is always a delight!) and I love lists, and while not a lot of the Backlog Week coverage has actually been lists it is... talking about lists, but honestly talking about lists is also something I love. I said lists a lot in that sentence. ANYWAY. Backlog Week: it's fun! 

And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week?


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