Happiness Practice - August 31, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week!
There's a lot going on this week! Fortunately, it's generally positive: things are good and getting and feeling better, and I'm really glad. It feels like a lot of my hard work (and maybe even some of my suffering!) is finally paying off, and things are coming together a little bit. I hope it keeps feeling this way for a while!
So, the first thing that's making me happy this week is that I quit my job! I'm officially unemployed. Normally I'm not so sure that would be making me happy - and there's definitely some fear and anxiety laced in there still - but this is a change I had been dying to make for months. I remember deciding in February that I wanted to be out of there by August, and even though I gave two weeks' notice on Monday my office decided to send me home this week, so I unexpectedly got to keep my promise to myself, which feels like a positive sign on top of everything else. I am very glad to be moving on, and excited about what is going to come next. I'm almost as excited for the chance to take a short breather for a little while, too. It's a really fun time!
On a much sillier note, I've been watching Barry, which is a show about a hit man who decides he wants to be an actor. It's definitely a dark comedy, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I love Bill Hader, and I didn't realize Stephen Root AND Henry Winkler were in it until I starting watching but they're both fantastic. It's also hilarious watching people who can act act like they are bad at it! It's only got 8 half-hour episodes so far, so it's a pretty short time commitment, and I'm definitely having fun with it for now!
And now, what's making you happy this week?


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