Happiness Practice - September 28, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 

The simplest thing making me happy this week is soup! Specifically, Jamie Oliver's Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup, which is one of my oldest go-to recipes and something I've made probably dozens of times in the past decade. It's a really easy, forgiving recipe - I never measure anything, use up stuff in the fridge instead of buying what he calls for, and swap or add stuff based on how I'm feeling every time and it always turns out well. It was a mainstay in my early cooking years, has seen me through many dinner parties, and is something I have used to start teaching lots of people to cook. This week I felt particularly ingenious, because I made it to use up a vegetable platter I had left over from an event, so I really only had to buy the sweet potatoes & chorizo, and I got to avoid letting all that veg go to waste - and it was excellent. It makes a huge batch, to feed me all week and then freeze at least a few portions, and when I defrost one I'm always excited to get to eat it again. 

I also devoured the new season of Bojack Horseman, and I loved it. Before I delve into spoiler territory: it's much the same as previous seasons, which is to say both very dark and very funny, and I liked it a lot. It's an unapologetic depiction of a lot of the worst parts of people, and a lot of the absurdity and humour that falls into much of that, and it absolutely cracks me up, even if it is sometimes a little draining. If you liked previous seasons, you've probably already watched it, but if you're still thinking about giving it a try, I'd recommend it. SPOILER wise - and skip to the next paragraph if you're sensitive - I really liked a lot of the guest stars this season, and a lot of the experimental structures they tried. The eulogy episode was really great, sharp and clever and well done, and the Int Sub. episode killed me for all that Todd as Handface was horrifying. Flip chittering on the floor as a dolphin made me laugh uncontrollably. As for content, I love that they kind of got to address the Bojack as hero thing, and the entire "maybe we're all terrible, so it's okay that I'm terrible" thing. It was all sharp and good, and Gina saying that she didn't want HIM to be the only thing people ever asked her about for the rest of her life was just stunning, in a good way. I think this was probably the best season yet, and I'm looking forward to what comes next. 

And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week? 


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