Happiness Practice - September 7, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 

The first thing I wanted to talk about this week is quitting Twitter! I basically haven't been on Twitter in three or four weeks now, except when I've been linked threads by people I know, which isn't quite the same dynamic. I've definitely been doing better in the same timespan, but it's hard to tell what to attribute that to - this is very much a correlation, not causation question. But it's worth noting that things in general seem to be feeling better for me since I quit, and while there are lots of other things feeding into that - some progress on my CPA stuff, quitting my job, even the smoke fading away for a while - maybe not using some of my brain space on Twitter is helping too. I'm definitely making better use of my time in some ways - I used to check Twitter when I got out of the shower, and now I use that time to set my intention for the day and use a language app, and when I'm on the bus I make sure I have a book downloaded to my phone instead of refreshing my feed a dozen times. So even if it's just the inclusion of a couple of more beneficial habits rather than the exclusion of Twitter itself, it feels like a better decision for me most days, and I think it's contributing to my overall better mood lately. I do feel like I'm a little less up to date on things than I was, but maybe that's for the best anyway. 

Another thing making me happy this week is Queer Eye! I'm halfway through the second season and it's just such a pure joy to watch. I love the Fab 5 and their entire message, which is largely about self-care and being nice to yourself, and it's just so fun to watch them descend on some unsuspecting person and show them small changes that can really add up. And then there's Bobby who just makes over an entire space into something beautiful... Not really a small change but it's always really great to see! It's bright and cheery and inspiring, and also generally really, really funny, so I'm definitely finding it a good way to liven up an afternoon! Plus since it's on Netflix it's really easy to just sit down and chew through a couple, and feel a little better for a while.

And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week?


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