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Happiness Practice - November 30, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! Many of you will probably have already guessed, but this week I'm pretty happy about my trip to Japan! I just spent the last ten days in Tokyo and Okinawa, and I had a great time. The weather was perfect, the cities were cool, and I got to eat lots and lots of delicious things. Japan is such an interesting place, and I kind of love dropping into a whole new culture and doing my best to pick through it. I had lots of downtime on this trip too, which I really needed, and I got to spend a lot of time just puttering around Tokyo and Naha, which is one of my favourite things to do on a trip. It was a great time and a nice break, and I'm really glad I got to go. I'm pretty much equally happy to be coming home, too! It'll be nice to get back to my house and my cat and my friends, to food I cook myself and my own bed and more or less being awake at the same time as everyone else. I'm glad I'll have a couple of da…

Happiness Practice - November 23, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! Some big news for me: I got a new job! It's downtown at a bookkeeping tech firm and so far I'm really happy with it! It's a cool company, everyone is nice, and the work itself is interesting and I think I can be valuable in this role, which is something I've been trying to find for years now. I feel like I fell into something pretty good, and I feel both very lucky and like all of the hard work I put into becoming a CPA has paid off. It's been pretty exciting and I'm quite happy so far, so hopefully it continues! And even if it doesn't, this process has made me feel a lot better about looking for something else if I do need to, so I'm in a more comfortable place overall. I'm really happy and proud right now though, and that's nice! Now for something slightly more shareable, I've been playing Hollow Knight on the Switch (had to treat myself somehow!) and it's been pretty fun! It'…

Happiness Practice - November 16, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week!

First up is the most ridiculous podcast I have ever listened to, My Dad Wrote A Porno. It's a comedy podcast that does what it says on the tin: the father of one of the hosts wrote an "erotic" novel, that he found and reads aloud to the delight and terror of two of his friends. It is consistently hilarious, and on more than one occasion I've had to pause the podcast because I was laughing too hard to keep listening. It started off hysterically bad, and somehow only got worse and more absurd through the seasons. This season inexplicably has a spy plotline and some of the stupidest descriptions of spy gear I have ever heard, and it is incredibly funny. I genuinely can't listen to this one in public because I look like a loon, laughing out loud spontaneously. Seriously, if you need a laugh and you aren't squicked out by very, very bad sex, you should give it a listen. 
The other thing making me happy this wee…

Happiness Practice - November 9, 2018

drafting posts! 
It's time for what's making us happy this week! 
First up is Salt Fat Acid Heat, on Netflix, which I think maybe everyone who's interested in has already watched, but maybe not, and if this is the push you need, go for it! It's gorgeous and interesting and I think Samin Nosrat is maybe the most charming person I've seen on screen in a long time. She does such a great job of introducing her topic and telling the relevant stories, and she seems to take a real joy in her work that's really infectious! Watching her taste something is almost as exciting as getting to try it myself, and I hope that she's on television a LOT more now. It's a great limited series and I really enjoyed watching it, so give it a look if you'd like. It definitely made me feel like cooking even more, and goodness knows I already love doing that! 
Another thing making me happy this week is Heather Havrilesky's writing. I just finished her new book of essays,…

Happiness Practice - November 2, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 
One thing that's making me happy is just the kind of Halloween mood! I know it's over now, but I enjoyed it a lot while it was happening. I went to two Halloween parties (and there will be another tonight!) and they're always some of my favourites - I love dressing up, wearing makeup I wouldn't be comfortable wearing most nights, and the excuse to eat a lot of candy! I love seeing everyone's Halloween posts, of costumes and pumpkins and spooky stories, and I love the weather at this time of year - I love how early it gets dark, and the rain, and the misty mornings but still comfortable days. And the trees! The trees are glorious right now. I love eating steaming bowls of noodle soup - I've had both ramen and pho this week! - and drinking mugs of steaming tea while the rain pours down outside. I think I just really love this time of year, and I'm really enjoying it this season. I hope it lasts a littl…