Happiness Practice - November 2, 2018

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 

One thing that's making me happy is just the kind of Halloween mood! I know it's over now, but I enjoyed it a lot while it was happening. I went to two Halloween parties (and there will be another tonight!) and they're always some of my favourites - I love dressing up, wearing makeup I wouldn't be comfortable wearing most nights, and the excuse to eat a lot of candy! I love seeing everyone's Halloween posts, of costumes and pumpkins and spooky stories, and I love the weather at this time of year - I love how early it gets dark, and the rain, and the misty mornings but still comfortable days. And the trees! The trees are glorious right now. I love eating steaming bowls of noodle soup - I've had both ramen and pho this week! - and drinking mugs of steaming tea while the rain pours down outside. I think I just really love this time of year, and I'm really enjoying it this season. I hope it lasts a little longer! 

Another thing making me happy this week, that still fits with my Halloween mood, is Haunting of Hill House! I finished it on Halloween and I really enjoyed watching all of it. It's on Netflix, and personally I didn't find it all that scary, but it was creepy and tense and weird and I liked it a lot. It's got good family drama and a few really funny moments and generally is just a good show. It does slow down a bit towards the end, but it's fun all the same. It's a little spooky to start watching now, but if you still feel like watching some solid horror, I'd recommend checking it out!

And now, how about you? What's making you happy this week? 


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