Happiness Practice - January 4, 2019

It's time for what's making us happy this week! 

This week, what's making me happy is... what's making me happy! (The first rule of tautology club...) On a couple of my days off, I finally finished back posting all of these posts to my blog, and it was fun going through all of the posts again and seeing what I was feeling throughout the year. It's been a full year since I started, now, so there were lots to look at, and lots of interesting observations both on my part and yours. In spite of the fact that things were fairly tough overall, and that I had a couple of really down moments, I found a lot of things that brought me happiness, and I think that writing these posts every single week has helped me to cultivate a better, more positive mindset. And sometimes I end up trying new things just in the hope of finding stuff to post about, which is also not a bad approach. And of course, it's always wonderful to see what's making everyone else happy! Whether or not I had a great week, seeing the things that are working for other people and sometimes finding something new was a great perk to writing these, and overall I'm really happy I'm doing them. Curious to see how much I'll have piled up by this time next year! 

Going through all the posts also helped me to remember that spending time with folks I care about is one of the most reliable ways for me to be happy, and so that's led right into my goal for 2019: prioritizing hang-outs in relatively small groups. I've noticed I feel more fulfilled when I get to regularly interact with people, but that parties don't really scratch the same itch, so in 2019 I'm aiming to get a lot more small group interaction going on. This probably means dinner parties, which I genuinely love throwing, but maybe also a few friend dates to catch up with people I don't always get to see very often, or whose schedules don't always work out for dinner. I'm really fortunate to have a lot of wonderful people in my life, and I want to make sure I'm making time for all of them! 

And now, what about you? What's making you happy this week? 


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